AGs Opinions The hole of Start Seminar on Citizen Safety and you may Fairness Program Mortgage

AGs Opinions The hole of Start Seminar on Citizen Safety and you may Fairness Program Mortgage Today marks an essential moment regarding combat offense into the the fresh Bahamas. Thank-you Florencia, Michael and Robert. Robert is with our company from the beginning and i thank your for all off his benefits which have lead to the prosperity of which endeavor. I continue to repeat that the work to reform the criminal justice system is not business as usual. I believe it is important to highlight the tremendous progress made between 2012 and 2015. Our violent justice system did actually are in an impossible condition. Good backlog from criminal cases got proliferated over the past several ong anything else unreliable court transcript manufacturing, a not enough safety council therefore the incapacity so you can convene jurors from inside the a timely and you may effective style. For it weak unlawful justice program, regular expands crime cost meant overwhelming pressure given that situation load along with improved over the years. When our criminal justice system does not function as it should, criminals expect that they will never be held accountable and it becomes harder for citizens to feel confident that criminals will be brought to justice and that their justice system works. The group of working of the Attorneys-General has been working. Due to the fact 2012 i song and you will display the advancements and you can inadequacies which has actually greet work of your Attorneys-General to respond smartly and you can smartly with the challenges we deal with. Compliment of all of our Backlog Feedback Group, you will find shorter the latest backlog of the more than 100 times about just last year hence matter is growing. Within the 2012, which place of work secured convictions at a rate of only 31%. I am able to happily declare that inside the 2015, that it Memphis savings and installment loan speed features doubled to help you 63%.