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Tutorial: Get started with Slack AWS Chatbot Today, we are excited to announce the general availability (GA) of a feature that allows AWS Chatbot customers to manage AWS resources and remediate issues in AWS workloads from their Slack channels. AWS Chatbot customers can do this by running AWS CLI commands and AWS System Manager Automation Runbooks from Slack channels. Previously, AWS customers could only monitor AWS resources and retrieve diagnostic information using AWS Chatbot. When something does require your attention, Slack plus AWS Chatbot helps you move work forward more efficiently. In a Slack channel, you can receive a notification, retrieve diagnostic information, initiate workflows by invoking AWS Lambda functions, create AWS support cases or issue a command. In Slack, this powerful integration is designed to streamline ChatOps, making it easier for teams to manage just about every operational activity, whether it’s monitoring, system management or CI/CD workflows. Type @aws cloudwatch describe-alarms –region us-east-1 to see all alarms in North Virginia Region. The bot will return an image with CloudWatch alarms and metric trends as well as the standard output of the CloudWatch DescribeAlarms API call. Finally, if you also want to receive notifications, such as CloudWatch Alarms or AWS Budgets, select SNS topics that those notifications are published to. I’d encourage them to go to Skill Builder and look at the generative AI content that’s there so they can become familiar with it. You can also run AWS CLI commands directly in chat channels using AWS Chatbot. With the capability to integrate with multiple chat platforms, it offers a streamlined approach to managing these changes directly through familiar communication tools. In this post, I walked you through some of the use cases where AWS Chatbot helped reduce the time to recovery while also increasing transparency within DevOps teams. Integrating chatbot directly with Slack ensures that all members have immediate access to important alerts and can execute necessary commands without leaving their communication platform. If you work on a DevOps team, you already know that monitoring systems and responding to events require major context switching. If you have an existing AWS administrator user, you can access the AWS Chatbot console with no additional permissions. AWS recommends that you grant only the permissions required to perform a task for other users. For more information, see Apply least-privilege permissions in the AWS Identity and Access Management User Guide. Available in the Slack App Directory, CloudForecast’s Slack Integration simplifies managing AWS cost monitoring for your engineering teams. Abhijit Barde is the Principal Product Manager for AWS Chatbot, where he focuses on making it easy for all AWS users to discover, monitor, and interact with AWS resources using conversational interfaces. The No. 1 message and theme is that our customers are expecting changes, responsiveness and impact in days or weeks, not in months. The pace of change and the pace of customer expectations is faster than it ever has been before. I just came from our London Summit that had 22,000 attendees and our Partner Summit had 1,000 partners. Retrieve logs for a Lambda function If you’re looking for an easy and quick way to manage and socialize AWS costs to your engineering team, be sure to check out CloudForecast and our Slack integration. We offer a 30-day Free Trial with no Credit Card required and a Free Community Plan. You can read more about the wide range of AWS services supported in AWS ChatOps Documentation. This guide will demonstrate just a few ways developers and IT professionals can improve their cloud-centric workflows by monitoring and managing their AWS environments from Slack. With this feature, customers can now monitor, operate, and troubleshoot AWS workloads from Slack channels without switching context between Slack and other AWS Management Tools. Customers can securely run AWS CLI commands to perform common DevOps tasks, such as scaling EC2 instances, running Systems Manager runbooks, and changing Lambda concurrency limits. Additionally, service administrators can use policy guardrails as well as account-level and user-role permissions to meet their security and compliance needs. With this feature, customers can manage AWS resources directly from their Slack channels. Customers can securely run AWS CLI commands to scale EC2 instances, run AWS Systems Manager runbooks, and change AWS Lambda concurrency limits. AWS Chatbot doesn’t currently support service endpoints and there are no adjustable quotas. For more information about AWS Chatbot AWS Region availability and quotas, see AWS Chatbot endpoints and quotas. AWS Chatbot supports using all supported AWS services in the Regions where they are available. So making sure that our partners are developing the capabilities, developing the competencies, and thinking through customer impact. I would say partners have to move faster than they ever have before to meet the customers’ expectations. So that means that customers’ expectation of our partners to have generative AI skills, to have generative AI offerings, to have those impact stories, has gone up significantly. Read more about how Bonsai’s engineering team uses the Slack report to prevent end of the month AWS costs surprises. Gain near real-time visibility into anomalous spend with AWS Cost Anomaly Detection alert notifications in Microsoft Teams and Slack by using AWS Chatbot. He has keen interests in providing simple and safe user experiences for AWS customers and expanding the capabilities of ChatOps via AWS Chatbot. Monitor & Manage AWS Cost in Seconds — Not Hours Q. Does AWS Chatbot process data outside the AWS Region where I am using AWS Chatbot? In November 2021, we announced the preview of this feature update to the AWS Chatbot. In addition to the preview feature set, we are introducing improvements that allow customers to specify multiple guardrail policies in a chat configuration, giving more control in securing channel permissions. Today, we are announcing the public preview of a new feature that allows you to use AWS Chatbot to manage AWS resources and remediate issues in AWS workloads by running AWS CLI commands from Slack channels. Previously, you could only monitor AWS resources and retrieve diagnostic information using AWS Chatbot.